Undertaker t.4 : the shadow of Hippocrates (réservé à un public averti)

(Scénario), (Couleurs), (Couleurs)

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Dr. Jeronimus Quint has an unusual business model that Hippocrates would frown upon: he creates his own patients by injuring people whose lives then depend on him. His latest victims are Jonas Crow, Undertaker, and Rose, his English companion. Without the best medical attention-i.e. Quint's-each might lose a limb, or even die, from gangrene. He's kidnapped Rose and is withholding his sado-surgical skills while Jonas and his cohort Lin pursue him and his captive. With ferrymen and lumberjacks in front, angry lawmen behind, and a leg killing him from within, the Undertaker hopes to survive long enough to make Jeronimus Quint his next customer.

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    Xavier Dorison, Ralph Meyer, Caroline Delabie

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    Europe Comics

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    Hors Collection

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    à partir de 16 ans

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