• Shola est une petite chienne qui sait lire... Elle s'intéresse aux livres sur les animaux, et plus particulièrement à un livre sur les lions, celui qui démontre qu'elle est la descendante directe de ces animaux ! De nombreux traits le prouvent : la noblesse, la force, le courage... Shola sera bien surprise d'apprendre que le pelage des lions est blond ; comment se fait-il qu'elle soit blanche, elle ? Peut-être y a-t-il des exceptions ?

  • L'auteur de ces poèmes accorde une grande attention à la puissance et à la charge des mots. Il confronte et allie un grand sentiment des choses insaisissables et une approche constante des phénomènes naturels. La poésie est un mode de transformation miraculeux ou radicalement neuf du concret. Le regard posé sur le monde ne peut pas ne pas être empreint d'un sentiment de joie : l'écriture permet d'exprimer et d'exalter somptueusement l'aspiration à vivre intégralement ce qu'il est possible de vivre et d'atteindre. Lorsqu'un cri de révolte est émis, il l'est essentiellement parce que certains humains s'éreintent et s'abrutissent, et parce qu'il faut « recréer la géométrie du verbe » et, en même temps, cheminer le long de la fresque animée qu'est le « corps de la terre ». Tissu de secrets, de légendes, de rêves et de mystères, le monde ne peut être exploré superficiellement. Seule « la recherche d'une lumière » illustre et singulière éclairera sous un jour neuf la vie, l'amour et la mort. La « recherche » de la « lumière » ne peut se dérouler qu'au fil d'un voyage durant lequel, échos réguliers et changeants, les battements du cour et de la chair ébranlent certaines convictions et nourrissent de profonds et nombreux espoirs.

  • In recent years, a number of important developments have been made in equine anaesthesia and analgesia. These include new methods of monitoring the patient, the availability of new drugs and the implementation of new procedures. This book not only covers all the traditional methods of anaesthesia and recent developments, but it provides students and practitioners with essential information on the scientific basis of anaesthesia, as well as giving handy tips on more practical aspects of anaesthesia, such as drug regimens for field anaesthesia. Covers all the latest developments in equine anaesthesia whilst providing the reader with lots of practical information Includes detailed coverage of the sciences behind anaesthesia and the drugs used Easy-to-read format, with lots of bulleted lists and tabulated information

  • This book covers the rich phenomenology exhibited by fine powders when they are fluidized by a gas flow. Fine powder cohesiveness leads to poor flowability, clumping, difficulty in fluidizing, irregular avalanching behavior, etc. Despite all the inconveniences, fine powder processes pervade the chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and mining industries among others. The author in this book analyzes the mechanism by which interparticle adhesive forces are reduced by means of surface additives. Different techniques have been developed in the last years to assist fluidization by helping the gas flow to mobilize and break cohesive aggregates, which help to homogenize fluidization. As reviewed in this book, the use of these techniques may have a relevant impact on novel processes based on fluidized beds of fine powder and with relevant applications on leading edge technologies such as Atomic Layer Deposition on nanoparticles and CO2 capture by gas-fluidized beds of adsorbent powders. The study of fluidized beds has a marked interdisciplinary character.  This book is thus intended for academic and industrial researchers in applied physics, mechanical, chemical, and environmental engineering, who are interested in the special characteristics of fine powders.

  • This user-friendly book adopts a multimodality approach in providing a concise overview of both basic and complex issues encountered by pediatric radiologists and pediatricians in their daily practice. The book is written by leading pediatric radiologists and pediatricians from renowned children´s hospitals in Spain, the United Kingdom, and the USA. It focuses particularly on multimodality imaging, covering the full gamut of radiologic diagnostic techniques, including conventional radiography, ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound, CT, and multiple MRI techniques. Chapters are arranged according to organ systems, providing the reader with clinically oriented information. Each chapter is illustrated with high-quality images, as well as graphs, tables, decision flowcharts, and feature cases.  

  • This book provides insight into current research topics in finance and banking in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Expert authors authoritatively analyse how banks finance their activities and resolve funding issues. Chapters specifically discuss financial instruments such as corporate bonds, IPOs, sukuks and microfinance investment vehicles (MIVs) in light of the importance of institutional funding gaps. The decision-making process within the banking industry with regard to long-range financial decisions and dividend policies is also discussed.

  • This book provides insight into current research topics in finance and banking in the aftermath of the financial crisis. In this volume, authors present empirical research on liquidity risk discussed in the context of Basel III and its implications. Chapters also investigate topics such as bank efficiency and new bank business models from a business diversification perspective, the effects on financial exclusion and how liquidity mismatches are related with the bank business model. This book will be of value to those with an interest in how Basel III has had a tangible impact upon banking processes, particularly with regard to maintaining liquidity, and the latest research in financial business models.

  • This thesis presents two significant results in the field of precision measurements in low-energy nuclear physics. Firstly, it presents a precise half-life determination of 11C, leading to the most precise ft-value for a beta decay transition between mirror nuclides, an important advance in the testing of the electroweak sector of the Standard Model. Secondly, it describes a high-precision mass measurement of 56Cu, a critical nucleus for determining the path of the astrophysical rapid-proton capture process, performed by the author using the LEBIT Penning trap at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory. This new measurement resolves discrepancies in previously-reported calculated mass excesses. In addition, the thesis also presents the construction and testing of a radio-frequency quadrupole cooler and buncher that will be part of the future N = 126 factory at Argonne National Laboratory aimed at producing nuclei of interest for the astrophysical rapid-neutron capture process for the first time.

  • Plant-herbivore interactions are a central topic in evolutionary ecology. Historically, their study has been a cornerstone for coevolutionary theory. Starting from classic ecological studies at the phenotypic level, it has since expanded to molecular and genomic approaches. After a historical perspective, the book's subsequent chapters cover a wide range of topics: from populations to ecosystems; plant- and herbivore-focused studies; in natural and in man-modified ecosystems; and both micro- and macro-evolutionary levels. All chapters include valuable background information and empirical evidence. Given its scope, the book will be of interest to both students and researchers, and will hopefully stimulate further research in this exciting field of evolutionary biology.

  • This book focuses on congenital heart disease (CHD) and emerging imaging technologies. It covers all clinically relevant aspects of the fascinating new cardiac imaging technologies, including a comprehensive explanation of their basic principles, practical aspects of novel clinical applications, and detailed descriptions of specific uses in the broad spectrum of clinically important adult CHD.

    Innovations and emerging technologies for diagnosis and therapeutics, evaluation and treatment are continually evolving, and due to these advances in non-invasive diagnosis, there has been a significant improvement in the survival rates for CHD patient. Novel approaches to trans-catheter interventions and advances in echocardiography, MRI and CT imaging are being developed and incorporated into routine clinical practice, while emerging three-dimensional printing technologies are fundamentally affecting patient care, research, trainee education, and interactions between multidisciplinary teams, patients, and caregivers. In addition, translational technologies on the horizon promise to take this nascent field even further. Exploring the applicability of these emerging technologies in improving our understanding of complex congenital cardiac defect anatomy and physiology will provide new treatment options for this unique population.

    Written by experts in the field who are also involved in patient care, this book discusses the practical application of innovations in advanced multimodality imaging in the daily clinical routine and offers tips and tricks for beginners.

  • Cet ouvrage relève de la linguistique interactionniste, courant de recherche qui vise à décrire le fonctionnement de la communication humaine. L'humour qui en est un élément central est pourtant rarement observé par les chercheurs. L'objectif de cet ouvrage est double. Dans un premier temps, il s'agit de présenter les différentes approches de l'humour en sciences humaines et sociales et d'effectuer un bilan sur les difficultés à appréhender un phénomène aussi mouvant. Dans un second temps , à partir d'enregistrements effectués lors de soirées entre proches, cet ouvrage décrit le fonctionnement de l'humour au sein des conversations familières.